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Effortless English - Level 1 & 2 Mini Story Transcripts

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These are text transcripts for all the Level 1 & 2 Mini-Stories.

What about level 3?  Well, Level 3 is the advanced level.  I want you to focus ONLY on listening at that level.   Once you reach level 3, you need to focus all of your attention on listening.

Sometimes you won’t understand everything-- that is OK.  Just keep listening-- listen to each Mini- Story many times.  Relax.  Enjoy.  You will improve.

How To Use These Text Transcripts (for level 1& 2 Mini-Stories):

1.  First, try to only listen
Don’t use these text transcripts first.   Try to listen to the mini-stories without the text.  If you under- stand them, you don’t need the text-- just continue to listen.

2. Use these text transcripts  only when you don’t undertand something
If you don’t understand part of a Mini-Story, read the text.  This will help you identify vocabulary you might not understand from just listening.  Use a dictionary, if necessary, to find unknown words.

3. Read and Listen at the same time, a few times
Once you know all of the words and phrases in a Mini-Story, you can listen and read at the same time.  Do this a few times only

4.  Just Listen again
As soon as possible, focus on just listening-- without reading.   These text transcripts are only a sup- plement.  DO NOT FOCUS ON READING--  FOCUS ON LISTENING!    Most of your time should be spent only listening to the Mini-Stories (and answering the questions).   These text transcripts can help you, but don’t use them too much :)

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